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She took a detour for some big black cock! This is the central theme of this chapter, I think. However, as you’re going through this book, you’ll notice that there are different stages of “bigger” cocks in the story.

From short black hair to long hair, straight hair to curly hair, thin to thick, short to long – what matters is how much thicker it got. (Hmm, a comparison to other porn movies would be appropriate here.) I didn’t think it was necessarily that “big” in size, but this is one of those books where the more you read the bigger and thicker it gets.

The storyline of this book, along with the others, is about the bodies of the women. These were considered sexy and desirable by men. The problem, though, is that these women didn’t really know how to use their bodies to their advantage and obtain the same benefits.

They just had the best of what nature had in store for them. In the end, it wasn’t enough to have the biggest, most impressive piece of the body, you need to know how to work the tools in your possession.



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